May 27, 2015

Ah Design! What do you look for in good design?

Graphic design. It’s a small world inside a small world. I’ve found there are a few active bloggers out there that are also designers. I’ve mentioned some in past design posts. What I always find interesting is what people consider good design. There are volumes written on the topic. One of my favorites that sits on my shelf but is more often open and being reviewed is Looking Good in Print. But with the advent of the Internet and eventually social media, those same principles for print are alive and well on the web. But I’m interested in what you find to be good design?

Is it the clever use of a font or illustration?

Is it the spacial relationship between the white space and the composition?

What role does the application of color or lack of play in the design?

What are your favorite corporate logos, which do you think need to be updated? What role does the product the corporations sells play in the logo?

What do you think of RavenWood Creative’s logo?

Some thought provoking questions. I’m interested in hearing what you think, please let me know.

You may be wondering why I’m asking. I have two reasons. One it will help me get a sense of how others see design and may help others learn. Two, I want to help my friend Jacob Cass celebrate.

One of those who has engaged a growing audience through his blog and through Twitter is one of my online friends Jacob Cass’ who’s distinctive logo for Just Creative Design is eye-catching, clever and strong. And it looks good in print. Jacob is celebrating the 1 year anniversary of his blog.  Congratulations. His support of my blog and other designers who blog has been genuine and appreciated. Jacob recently had a very clever idea to have others blog about design and donate to a world charity to enter a contest to celebrate his anniversary. He lined up prizes and so far it’s been a success.

So please let me know your thoughts on design and help me spread the world about design through my blog.

Until next time, Tim

Just Creative Design

Just Creative Design


  1. I was looking through your blog, and I came across this article. I felt compelled to answer, as I’m in a deep, introspective mood tonight.

    When you ask what is “good design”, that’s like asking what is the meaning of life. No two people can answer it the same way, and neither of them will be any closer to the answer.

    Sure, good design starts with strong conceptual thinking, but what makes the design good can’t really be defined.

    Of course, typography, color and composition all play an important role in the development of good design. The choice of a sans serif or serif font can alter the overall feeling of the design, and can make something feel more stable that was once too playful, or bring to life something that was once too cold. Color can produce dramatic changes that invoke instant emotional responses. A designer that can master color in their work can alter the feelings of the viewer, and ultimately determine how a general audience of people will respond to their work.

    But then again, all these things are subjective, and not one or even a combination of them can produce a design that is “good design” every time, no matter how perfectly executed.

    Take for example your logo. The choice of typeface is nice, and the playful combination of the “o’s” is a nice idea. But, I have a personal dislike for the color purple. Overall, the scale of the type in relation to the bird is excellent. Would I rate it as “good design”? I would say that on a technical level, you’ve executed everything perfectly, and it seems balanced. But, for a company that uses creative in their name, I find the logo to be too formal, too cold. Maybe it’s the black / purple color scheme, or the bird, with his back turned to the name. I just don’t feel a connection to it in my gut.

    This leads me to my final thought. I struggle everyday as a designer, trying to make good designs. I have no formula to make this happen. I use the skills I have of typography, color, composition and concept to try and make this happen. Even after all that, it’s only when I feel something, deep down in my gut, that I know something is good. It’s when other people view my work, they either love it or hate it, but it’s the fact that they felt something, that they reacted, that they responded, that I know I created something that was good design.

    For me, good design is feeling.

    Not sure if that answered your question, but that’s just my thoughts on this rainy Thursday night. Take care.


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