May 29, 2015

Brian Yerkes – Cool Blog Idea

A fellow designer/blogger – Brian Yerkes is at it again, first he had the business card for bloggers idea. Now the Share the link love with his subscribers. As I enjoy reading Brian blog, I thought I’d throw him some link love myself. And he says he’ll do the same back, what blogs and designers do best. Thanks Brian, keep up the cool blog ideas.


Great Idea – Business Cards for Bloggers

Today, I stumbled upon a great idea from Brian Yerkes, a blogger and designer who is collecting business cards of bloggers. You can add your business card to the mix by visiting Brian’s blog. Great idea Brian! Here’s mine:

RavenWood Creative Business Card

And I have to say, I stumbled upon the idea by checking out one of my favorite blogs from designers who blog.

Until next time, TIm