May 24, 2015

What’s your Font Type? Revealing Your Personality Through Your Choices

Wow, in the 542 years since Johannes Gutenberg’s death (1398 – 1468), the world of fonts has certainly come a long way from the Gothic styles and primitive fonts of his era.

Now with blogs and the ever-changing web fonts have become more and more expressions of one’s personality, corporations use fonts to aid in branding themselves. Coca Cola has made its font into an extension of its brand, and corporations are starting to move away from the old-stand-bys of Helvetica and Times New Roman. Here are 30 fonts that might work for your company or project. RavenWood Creative uses Eurostile extensively in its marketing materials, invoices, and proposals to put forth the clean, modern and sleek appeal of the design firm. Does it work? I think so, the font inspires me to be clean and organized in my work, something I think my clients appreciate.

But I might want to rethink my font choice… I recently discovered through Twitter, it’s amazing all the stuff you discover by following others, the following link –

It’s for a blog from Extensis, a software company, and where typematching meets matchmaking. It’s a fun site, check it out and see what font you are. I’m a Stencil in the typecaster, but I think I’ll stick with Eurostile!

Typecast Yourself!

Until next time, Tim