March 30, 2015

Environmental & Engineering Solutions

Occasionally a company approaches RavenWood Creative with an established site and just wants a few minor changes or redesign to its website. It’s a service RavenWood Creative is happy to provide, and is the case with Tom Petersen and Environmental and Engineering Solutions, Inc. Tom runs an established engineering firm specializing in Air Quality, EHS Management, and other corporate or institutional environmental concerns. Tom approached RavenWood Creative to maintain his web site, conduct SEO reviews, and help him with his monthly e-newsletters. So RavenWood Creative crawls EES’ site monthly and approaches search engine optimization organically – are meta tags in the proper place, is the content staying fresh, and does the navigation for the user make sense? Recent Update: Tom added a blog to his site and RavenWood Creative helped him migrate all his newsletter content over to the blog, now Tom has a deep history of content available for his customers and site visitors. Check it out, lots of environmental information, RavenWood Creative learned a lot on this project.